Carrie Keene Photography | Storytelling Session



{Storytelling Session}



As my children have grown and changed over the years I have found myself pouring over photo albums, searching for the details of life.  I feel so grateful to have captured the slices of time that pass by so quickly.  From the newborn snuggles to the toddler tantrums to the sibling love, they are moments frozen in time that I never want to forget.  And that is why the storytelling sessions are so precious to me.  Among the clutter and mess of real life, I want to create beautiful, real images for you to cherish.   Whatever it is that makes your family you!  Playing legos, cooking, jumping on the bed--each session will be different.  


My friends have kindly allowed me to share a glimpse of their life with you through this beautiful slideshow.  Their love for each other shines through the images!  Enjoy!